Preserving Your Family History

FamilyFor the Lord is good; his steadfast love endures forever, and his faithfulness to all generations. Psalm 100:5

There are several great web sites that can give you information on preserving old family pictures and documents. These family documents represent your past and show you the abilities or gifts members of your family possess, both past and present.

I personally have always enjoyed the unplanned pictures, catching a person in an unguarded moment. Adding information about the person, location and/or date makes the photo more interesting and relatable. Those pictures tossed in a drawer or documents placed in a folder and filed can be utilized to introduce younger generations to their past.  Several of these web site are: and

Shutterfly, and other companies like them, can create books that contain this information without damaging the originals, can be shared and is easily accessed.  My nieces and nephew have always asked about stories about their parents so several years ago I created a book that told a story about relatives going back to their great grandparents. It is one of my fondest Christmas memories. With a loud and boisterous group sitting around the Christmas tree I gave the book to them all at the same time. When they opened it the room was quiet for about 15 minutes with occasionally comments of “this one is about me” or did you see the picture of dad on page 10?


With the documents you are filing you can chose a family member, a year in the life or family storytelling and create a custom book.  Great way to start a conversation or send sometime just reminiscing.